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A world cruise is something we all dream about, but only a few actually get to experience. It is an event that is like no other; a voyage of exploration of parts of the world that few people are lucky enough to visit.  

Most world cruises are not actually “world” cruises at all, in that they don’t visit every continent of the planet. To do so would probably take a good year or more of sailing, and few people would have the time or money for that. Instead, world cruises tend to focus on a different part of the world each year, and the itineraries are changed each year to keep the voyage fresh, especially for those lucky few who are able to do repeat voyages.

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A world cruise can either be taken as a complete voyage, from beginning to end, or passengers can choose to just take one or two segments of the voyage, visiting particular regions they are most interested in. This segment option is particularly appealing to those cruisers who simply can’t get the many months off from work that a full world cruise will require.  

All world voyages explore geographic areas that are old favourites among passengers, as well as including some new regions with maiden ports of call. These ports are new to the cruise line and were only selected after much research was conducted. This means that world cruise passengers are among the first to visit a new port that the cruise line has developed, since no other ship in the line will have yet stopped there.  

Many cruise lines do World cruises. These include Holland America, Cunard, P&O, Regent Seven Seas, Crystal, Princess and a host of other lines. Some cruise lines have been known to run two world cruises in a given year, utilising two different ships with two different itineraries.  

World cruises can start and end in a variety of ports around the world, but many either originate/terminate in Southampton U.K. or in one of the major U.S. cruise ports such as Los Angeles or Fort Lauderdale.  

The advantage of a world cruise is that you can do it without ever taking a single international flight, which is a real selling point.  

World cruises are special in that no matter which cruise line you take the service and amenities are raised to a higher standard. Most cruise lines will handpick the staff who will work their world cruises and only the best and most experienced will be brought along. Everything about a world cruise will be special. Pillow gifts will be left in guests cabins during each segment of the voyage, and these gifts will generally be high quality items, such as warm parkas when the ship is sailing into colder climates.  

The food served too will be a cut above the normal, with special chefs being brought onboard to supervise the preparation of the many regional dishes that will be prepared as the ship sails to a variety of ports. Activities and entertainment options will be more varied and of higher quality on a world cruise, and some cruise lines will even bring onboard some top stars to perform.  

A full enrichment programme will be provided on most world cruises, with guest lecturers being experts in the regions being visited. Some of these may even be household names to cruise passengers, such as former heads of state or astronauts or other folks of some renown.  

Whichever format you choose for a world cruise, either a full voyage or a couple of segments, know that you are among a select and lucky few if you get to take such a trip.

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