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Cruises to Asia and the Far East are generally completed as extended voyages. Few cruise lines do them, and when they do, they are not repeatedly scheduled cruises. In fact, often the region is explored as a part of a World Cruise segment, and passengers not doing the entire World Cruise have to meet the ship in one of the Asian ports.  

You can also take a standalone cruise to Asia. Many of them will begin in Bangkok and will visit a variety of Far East destinations such as Nha Trang, Phu My, Da Nang, Sanya, Xiamen, Singapore, Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Ko Samui, Sihanoukville.  

The difficulty with taking a cruise of this type is the sheer diversity of the languages and cultures you will experience. Just about everything concerning the peoples and the cultures of these countries are more than likely to be different from anything you’ve ever experienced, and that’s what makes exploring this region amazing.

Why visit Southeast Asia?

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A cruise of the region is the perfect way to explore

Food can sometimes be an area of concern. The food enjoyed locally is often very different from anything we are used to. The beauty of travelling to these destinations on a cruise is that you always have a choice of amazing restaurants back on-board.  

Sometimes the language and cultural barriers that will be encountered in these countries can be a challenge. For example, women are looked upon differently in Asian countries, and when visiting certain sites, especially those of a religious nature, it is often required that woman do not expose their knees or other parts of their body. In certain countries a head covering is also required.  

Without a guide, you may not find out about such requirements until it is too late and you may have to miss seeing something of significance simply because you did not dress appropriately. Taking one of the many shore excursions available as well as advice on board the ship can avoid this happening.  

When in the Far East it is often best to travel in groups and remain under the “protection” of a qualified tour guide. This is because the guide can “run interference” if there are any problems encountered, and smooth the wrinkles that cultural and language differences naturally create.  

The most important thing to remember when travelling in the Far East is that you are experiencing cultures that are totally different from your own, and it is best to keep an open mind when experiencing the different sights, sounds, tastes and smells. Go with an attitude of wanting to experience everything each country has to offer, and plan to reserve judgement at least until the end of your trip.  

A cruise to Asia and the Far East is not your average voyage, and that is specifically what makes it so special and life-changing for anyone lucky enough to have the experience.  

Exploring Asia can be a daunting challenge, not just because the continent is so vast but also because despite each country’s relative proximity, the region comprises places with exotically different languages and cultures. This is precisely what makes a cruise of the region a perfect way to explore.

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