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Cruising in the Baltic region has become more and more popular in recent years. The Baltic is part of what is considered a Northern Europe itinerary, and it generally includes port calls in places such as Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.  

These cruises sometimes also involve at least one day of scenic cruising among the Norwegian fjords viewing ice-capped glaciers and other natural wonders that make this itinerary particularly appealing to many travellers.

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For many cruises in Northern Europe, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen are popular ports for embarking and disembarking your cruise ship. There are other places available though, such as Dover, Southampton and Harwich, in England. The reason the selection of embarkation port is so important is because it is probably the place you will be spending a few days either before and/or after your cruise, so you want a place where there is plenty to see and do  

The prime season for Northern Europe/Baltic cruising at one time was confined to July and August, with transatlantic options at both ends. During these summer months, the temperatures could run a very comfortable 60’s to 70’s most days. But today the touring season has been extended and now generally begins as early as May and can run well into September. Cruise fares will also be lower at these “off-peak” times, making a Baltic cruise a very real possibility, even for families.  

You have a variety of ship options for Baltic cruises as well, all of the big cruise lines supply them. But a lot of smaller cruise ships also sail that region, including some niche tour providers, running their cruises from what amount to large yachts, with only a handful of people aboard. These ships offer the advantage of a more personalised experience, albeit a far more expensive one and they are usually able to get passengers into some of the more “offbeat” ports of call – places that the larger ships simply cannot go.  

Itineraries can range anywhere from one to two weeks, and sometimes longer, and many will include a least one overnight stay in St. Petersburg, where many passengers arrange for multi-day private tours to take people around this area.  

While a Baltic cruise was long considered an experience best to be savoured by adults, today it is becoming more and more of a family destination, with new touring options opening up all the time that the kids can fully participate in and enjoy.

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