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If you visualise an island paradise what you are most likely to be picturing in your mind’s eye is a landscape very similar to the Bahamas. The beautiful islands of the Bahamas group form a 100,000 square mile archipelago that spans a 500-mile area of some of the clearest water to be found in the entire world.  

Comprised of the major islands of Nassau (Paradise) Island and Grand Bahama Island, plus the 700 outer islands, this really is a tropical island paradise. The outer islands include a plethora of uninhabited cays and large rock formations. All of the islands taken together extend to an estimated total land area of some 5,382 square miles. This group of islands also boasts the world’s third largest barrier reef and about 14.5% of the world’s coral can be found there.

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Activities for all ages, all desires, and all passions

If it’s activity you crave you can find something to suit just about anyone’s tastes in the Bahamas. Perhaps you are cruising in and only have a day to spend in the islands; check out one of the many resorts that offer day passes primarily for cruise passengers that do not require an overnight room. These day passes often entitle the user to unlimited food and drinks, use of the beach (including lounge chairs and umbrellas), as well as other possible entertainment options, including water toys.  

If more active pursuits are your interest, then perhaps you’d like to try a SCUBA dive or snorkelling excursion. If so the Bahamas is certainly the place to try it, with its coral reefs, blue holes, walls, caves, assorted shipwrecks and great variety of sea life. Both beginners and experts are welcome, lessons, as well as local guides and dive masters are plentiful in the islands.  

Perhaps you’d rather be on the water than underneath it? If that’s the case, then maybe a big game sport fishing excursion will be more to your liking. The islands of the Bahamas have already produced over 50 record catches and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the next record breaking angler. The islands are suitable for both beginners and experienced sport fishing enthusiasts alike.  

If you’re looking for family centred activities that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, you will have come to the right place. The local tourist industry is very keen on encouraging family holidays in the islands and for that reason it’s perfectly suited for families of all sizes and ages; there are lots of activities geared to the younger set. Just about every major resort on the island offers dedicated programs for the younger children, some of which include activities designed to be shared by parent and child. The larger islands offer a variety of activities designed to include the whole family, including; snorkelling trips, easy hikes and eco tours, bicycling tours, and even horseback riding. A great family fun option is one of the many ‘dolphin encounter’ programs offered in these islands. With everything from short greeting encounters to complete ‘swim with the dolphin programs’, there is something offered to meet everyone’s needs.  

For some indoor fun there are family entertainment centres offering such diversions as bowling, darts, air hockey and other games that the whole family can participate in. These family centres are a great place to head for when you are looking for entertainment if your cruise ship has docked after dark, or of course on days when the weather is not optimal for the many outdoor pursuits that are available.  

These are just a few of the things to do on the major islands. There are numerous outer islands all offering their own peculiar charm as well. Some of these outer islands (actually small cays), are leased by various cruise lines such as Holland America, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines. Each has turned their private island into a virtual tropical paradise, complete with such amenities as private cabanas (small cabins) and a variety of exciting excursions that passengers can book for the day that their ship is to spend moored there.  

The bottom line is that there is definitely something in the Bahamas for everyone to enjoy, particularly cruise passengers. A great time can be had by the whole family when your cruise ship calls in at the beautiful Bahamas.  

The weather in the islands is mostly fine with a warm and comfortable climate that varies little throughout the year.

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